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tr.v. coun·ter·sued, coun·ter·su·ing, coun·ter·sues Law
To respond to a lawsuit against oneself by suing (the plaintiff).

coun′ter·suit′ (-so͞ot′) n.
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(Law) law a legal claim made as a reaction to a claim made against one
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(n. ˈkaʊn tərˌkleɪm; v. ˌkaʊn tərˈkleɪm)

1. a claim made to offset another claim.
2. a civil action brought by the defendant against the plaintiff.
v.t., v.i.
3. to claim in answer to a previous claim.
coun`ter•claim′ant, n.
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Noun1.countersuit - a suit brought against someone who has sued you
causa, lawsuit, suit, case, cause - a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy; "the family brought suit against the landlord"
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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Dali filed a countersuit, claiming CommScope had infringed.
Earlier in June, Cosby hit the headline after she dropped his defamation countersuit against seven women who accused him of sexually assaulting them.
(AP) -- Bill Cosby has dropped his countersuit against seven women who accused him of sexually assaulting them.
Cosby filed a countersuit in 2015 against the women alleging that they made "malicious, opportunistic, and false and defamatory accusations of sexual misconduct against" him.
An attorney at another firm, Cheryl Shoun, emailed a Personal Care principal, Bernie Cignavitch, in 2010 about the countersuit. Several similar emails followed, including a copy of the pleadings, but in 2012 Cignavitch emailed Theos and Shoun asking, "Why are they suing me?
The bottled-water company filed a countersuit against Kelleth Cuthbert on Friday, alleging that the model not only reneged on their agreement, but had "attempted to extort close to a half-million dollars from Fiji because she wanted a better deal."
In its countersuit and in its statement, Charlestown and Erickson tout their cleanliness standards, saying they educate residents on maintaining a "safe environment" in their homes and in Charlestown and allege Reid did not report the bedbug infestation in a timely manner.
Response to COD countersuit issued on behalf of former president
SK hynix, the world's second-largest DRAM manufacturer, is considering filing a countersuit against Hagens Berman that accused chipmakers including Samsung and SK of artificially fixing DRAM prices, according to an industrial source, Friday.
Robert 'Ace' Barbers filed a countersuit against his political adversary Surigao Del Sur Rep.
In its countersuit, Kern Schools, which has $1.3 billion in assets and 150,000 members, said its issues with Moralez spanned more than a decade to December 2003, when she opened a checking account with the credit union.
However, he filed a countersuit at the same court when he found out about the multiple affairs after one of his wife's lovers ended up in his prison cell upon his arrest for rioting-related charges.