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A level surface on a cabinet or display case, as in a kitchen or department store.


(Furniture) US a kitchen work surface


(ˈkaʊn tərˌtɒp)

the flat, horizontal working surface of a counter, as in a kitchen.
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Noun1.countertop - the top side of a countercountertop - the top side of a counter    
counter - table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted
tabletop - the top horizontal work surface of a table


[ˈkaʊntərtɒp] n (US) (= kitchen work surface) → plan m de travail
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25yr Custom Countertop Company that specializes in fabrication & installation of natural stone, quartz, solid countertops & other surfaces for commercial, production, & residential applications.
With laminate countertops making a comeback in kitchen and bath cabinetry, this new saw from Edgetech--CTSg2--for mitering postformed countertops, offers users a number of new capabilities.
All cabinets and countertops will be designed and built as per specifications and drawings, and
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US demand for countertops is forecast to increase 5.
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CLEVELAND, OH -- Continuing growth in new housing completions, rising improvement and repair expenditures, an expanding average kitchen floor space in new residential structures and a greater penetration of countertops in bathrooms will spur further sales gains, according to Residential Kitchen 8, Bathroom Countertops in China, a new study from The Freedonia Group Inc.
I saw a report that some granite countertops give off dangerous levers of radon gas.