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A level surface on a cabinet or display case, as in a kitchen or department store.


(Furniture) US a kitchen work surface


(ˈkaʊn tərˌtɒp)

the flat, horizontal working surface of a counter, as in a kitchen.
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Noun1.countertop - the top side of a countercountertop - the top side of a counter    
counter - table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted
tabletop - the top horizontal work surface of a table


[ˈkaʊntərtɒp] n (US) (= kitchen work surface) → plan m de travail
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Kuehn Bevel innovated the first designer bevel edges for laminate countertops over 20 years ago, and still manufactures the highest quality and most durable edge products in the market today.
Itching to update your kitchen or bath countertops but dreading the mess and disruption of a major remodel?
fabrication plant in Las Vegas, NV, a new business model that will allow small custom cabinet shops and countertop fabricators to submit their solid surface countertops and cabinet production orders to be fabricated using v-grooving technology.
Demand for residential kitchen and bath countertops is forecast to increase 1.7 percent annually to 509 million square feet in 2009.
Granite has been held up as the ultimate in luxury for countertops, so homeowners am more apt to take the plunge when they see how comparable the prices can be, according to Joe Henry, national sales account manager for Granite Mountain Stone Design.
The kitchens combine the classic styling of rich granite countertops and shaker-style maple cabinets with a fine selection of GE Profile stainless steel appliances and unique porcelain tile floors.
As a designer and avid cook, I'm often asked what material I recommend for kitchen countertops. My answer: honed marble (statuary or Carrara are my favorites) or soapstone because I like their mellow look juxtaposed with my kitchen's polished-nickel fixtures and semigloss-painted cabinets.
With four locations in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, customer countertop manufacturer Premier Surfaces offers custom fabrication and installation of countertops throughout the Southeast.
Ottawa, Canada, August 04, 2016 --( As Ottawa's top supplier of natural stone countertops, StoneSense is excited to announce the purchase of a state-of-the-art CNC machine for precision stone cutting.
Save a few of your old cabinets and countertops to build the makeshift kitchen.