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1. A weight used as a counterbalance.
2. A force or influence equally counteracting another.

coun′ter·weight′ed (-wā′tĭd) adj.


a counterbalancing weight, influence, or force
ˈcounterˌweighted adj


(ˈkaʊn tərˌweɪt)

1. a weight used as a counterbalance.
2. to balance or equip with a counterweight.
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Noun1.counterweight - a weight that balances another weight
sash weight - a counterweight for a sliding sash
tare - (chemical analysis) a counterweight used in chemical analysis; consists of an empty container that counterbalances the weight of the container holding chemicals
weight - an artifact that is heavy
Verb1.counterweight - constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to
counterbalance, oppose - contrast with equal weight or force


A. N (lit, fig) → contrapeso m
B. VT (lit) → contrabalancear (fig) → contrarrestar, contrabalancear


n (= counterbalance) → contrepoids m
a counterweight to sth → un contrepoids à qch
vt (= counter) [+ action, proposal] → contrebalancer
References in classic literature ?
Here, were the Leith, Aberdeen, and Glasgow steamers, loading and unloading goods, and looking immensely high out of the water as we passed alongside; here, were colliers by the score and score, with the coal-whippers plunging off stages on deck, as counterweights to measures of coal swinging up, which were then rattled over the side into barges; here, at her moorings was to-morrow's steamer for Rotterdam, of which we took good notice; and here to-morrow's for Hamburg, under whose bowsprit we crossed.
without examination, to deny what has been said, I wish it to be considered that the motion which I have now explained follows as necessarily from the very arrangement of the parts, which may be observed in the heart by the eye alone, and from the heat which may be felt with the fingers, and from the nature of the blood as learned from experience, as does the motion of a clock from the power, the situation, and shape of its counterweights and wheels.
There has been a violent stress in one direction, and it needs a counterweight.
And the smallest Broadway theatre, the Helen Hayes, which was bought by the nonprofit Second Stage Theater in 2015, is currently undergoing a $22 million renovation, which will include replacing their hemp-and-sandbag system with counterweights, reducing the grand total of Broadway hemp houses to eight.
This paper adopted the hammering method to excite concrete beams with different pre-stress values, eccentricities and counterweights based on two kinds of methods including experiment and numerical simulation, processed and analyzed the collected mid-span acceleration of beams to quantitatively analyze the relationship between the fundamental frequency of beams and pre-stress.
Additional accessories, including the polar alignment scope, counterweights, and dovetail saddle, are purchased a la carte.
insulators suspensions, Anti-sway arms and their isolators, Connecting rods, - counterweight counterweight tensioners with their counterweights, - small bronze or light alloy material as follows: Pendulum equipment, Suspension clamps, Sleeves and claws joints and ends, Clamps, Clamps and connection clamps, Swivels, Stirrups and various cable clamps, That is to say, Part of the equipment shown in plan 470.
The new model also shares the same counterweight system as the TMS9000E, so owners can interchange counterweights and wing weights from the previous-generation crane, giving them flexibility in configurations across an entire fleet.
Clark also perfected the elaborate system of counterweights used in all new theaters, which have scene-shifting problems.
4 tons and it was raised silently to the top of the towers thanks to counterweights triggered off by two electric motors.
The BRON 150P sideboom weighs 35,000/37,000 pounds fully loaded with side boom and counterweights, with a maximum overall length of 133.
So when the company, which manufactures a mix of gray iron counterweights and engineered castings, decided it needed to upgrade its melting systems to meet tightening environmental demands, Norton performed a careful analysis.