country of origin

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of origin - the country where you were born
country, land, state - the territory occupied by a nation; "he returned to the land of his birth"; "he visited several European countries"
old country - the country of origin of an immigrant
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Aussies want to choose fair dinkum Aussie produce and our Country of Origin Labelling changes will help them," Minister Littleproud said.
Berlin [Germany], December 05 ( ANI ): Pilots in Germany, which is one of the top ten refugee hosting nations, had refused to fly refugees to their country of origin on over 200 occasions.
The social factor is another factor that should be considered while evaluating country of origin, the lifestyle of any overall population having a positive or negative part in surveying a thing country of origin.
With the Brexit negotiations on the horizon, this could be the start of strong national legislation to ensure we have clear country of origin labelling in the future.
The AVMSD's Country of Origin rule enables a broadcast or on-demand service --licensed in one EU Member State--to be made available in another country without having to separately obtain another licence at the service's destination.
Pakistan is fortunate to have strong presence of overseas Pakistanis in different parts of the developed world including USA, said the Governor acknowledging that these Pakistanis also remain fully conscious about the needs in their country of origin.
In this context, there has been growing academic interest in studying the influence of the country of origin on consumer acceptance of products, starting with the work of Schooler in 1965.
Its legislative package on product safety and market surveillance, presented on 13 February 2013, contained an unexpected provision: the obligation to indicate the country of origin of non-food products, whether they come from a third country or an EU member state.
Most of the immigrants (64%) believed that veteran Israelis, first of all, view them by their country of origin (Russian, Ethiopian, etc.
The 2012 survey shows that the number of products labelled with country of origin went down on cheese, from 77% to 76%, went down on meat products like bacon, ham, sausages and burgers, from 73% to 72%, went up on meat products like pies and ready meals, from 73% to 77%, stayed the same on milk, at 54% and stayed the same on butter, at 100%.
He said: "Packing plants need to run to full capacity to be able to make sure that they stay viable so Country of Origin Labelling has probably played a very large role in the fact that that plant is shutting down.
UK consumers want clear country of origin labels on foods, with most people saying it is because they like to buy British, new research from Which?

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