country singer

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coun′try sing`er

a singer of country music songs.
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In the full version of the video, the country singer said that he was on his land in Oklahoma when he first received the song from producer Scott Hendricks, and he immediately felt a connection with it.
Shirley Boone is the daughter of country singer Red Foley, a country singer of the 1930s and 1940s who became a star with his recording of "Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy."
In a recent Instagram video, the country singer revealed to her fans that she and husband, Mike Fisher, are expecting a new child.
Summary: New Delhi [India], December 9 (ANI): Country singer John Mayer, who underwent an emergency appendectomy, is back home following his hospitalisation this week.
US country singer Glen Campbell died on Tuesday at the age of 81, his publicist said.
HUSSAM AL-MAYMAN / Special To Arab News American country singer Toby Keith, left, and Saudi legend Rabeh Saqer perform at the Green Halls auditorium in Riyadh on Saturday.
The Batley-based country singer pelted out Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah, wowing onlookers.
BORN ANDY Gibb, pop singer, 1958 REX Harrison UK actor, 1908, above ClODAGH Rodgers Irish singer, 1947 DIED PATSY Cline, US country singer, 1963, above JOHN Belushi, US comedian, 1982 HUGO Chavez, Venezuela president, 2013
July 23: Country singer Brett Eldredge ($40, $35, $30).
Dean Shermet, who was married to the LeAnn for 7 years before they divorced, insists he is not planning on writing a tell all book intended to trash the country singer. Video provided by Hollyscoop
They brought a bus full of lucky listeners to hear American country singer Tyler Farr perform some of his hit songs including 'Whiskey in My Water' and 'Guy Walks into a Bar'.
Billboard announced 23-year-old American country singer Taylor Swift the highest-paid musician of the past year.