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(ˈkʌn triˌfoʊk)
1. people living or raised in the country; rustics.
2. people from the same country; compatriots.
Also called coun′try•peo`ple (-ˌpi pəl)
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Noun1.countryfolk - people living in the same country; compatriots
citizenry, people - the body of citizens of a state or country; "the Spanish people"
2.countryfolk - people raised in or living in a rural environment; rustics
common people, folk, folks - people in general (often used in the plural); "they're just country folk"; "folks around here drink moonshine"; "the common people determine the group character and preserve its customs from one generation to the next"
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By cracking a joke at the expense of Hamill-and her family and countryfolk in Australia-Duterte, said the organization of awarded women, manifests the mayor's chauvinistic and unhealthy attitude towards women, which he has shown time and again with wanton disregard for civility in his campaign sorties.
If one or two landowners were banged up in Winson Green, perhaps countryfolk might realise that they cannot pick and choose which laws they obey.
What will emerge is that the lapse in security or hospitality will be the fault not of the Aquino administration but of the entire Philippines and of all Filipinos, including the millions of our countryfolk working abroad.
Indeed, there is a sense these days of the dreams of Edsa souring, of people who once occupied the streets of the city, pleading with soldiers onboard tanks to think of their countryfolk, turn into disgruntled citizens finding nothing right with our government, even our country.
Then, at least, running out of milk will not turn into a major trauma and we won't have to smile and say 'Morning!' in that irritating way countryfolk do to everyone they meet.
To his countryfolk and to other people as well, Masoudi offers this advice: "A nation stays alive only when it can keep its history and culture alive."
But countryfolk can be ignorant too and it is easy to mythologise the farmer's mystical link to the land when he is much more likely to be attached to his chemical salesman and machinery supplier.
I can remember when countryfolk used to fret over spraying the warble fly and dipping the sheep.
I expect it's just those countryfolk proving to us ignorant townies what wonderful nature-lovers they are.
WAR has been declared by those wicked "townies" who want to impose their will on poor, innocent countryfolk and destroy a traditional way of life.
Trevor Harrison, who has played Eddie Grundy for nearly 20 years in Radio 4's everyday story of countryfolk, was stripped for action at the Sixth Archers Addicts Convention yesterday.