coup de theatre

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coup de thé·â·tre

 (ko͞o′ də tā-ä′trə)
n. pl. coups de théâtre (ko͞o′)
1. A sudden dramatic turn of events in a play.
2. An unexpected and sensational event, especially one that reverses or negates a prevailing situation.

[French : coup, stroke + de, of + théâtre, theater.]

coup de théâtre

(ku də teɑtrə)
n, pl coups de théâtre (ku də teɑtrə)
1. (Theatre) a dramatic turn of events, esp in a play
2. (Theatre) a sensational device of stagecraft
3. (Theatre) a stage success
[literally: stroke of the theatre]

coup de thé•â•tre

(kudə teɪˈɑ trə)

n., pl. coups de thé•â•tre (kudə teɪˈɑ trə)
1. a surprising or sensational turn of events in a play.
2. any theatrical trick intended to have a sensational effect.
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Noun1.coup de theatre - a dramatic surprise
surprise - a sudden unexpected event
2.coup de theatre - a sensational bit of stagecraft
stagecraft - skill in writing or staging plays
production - a presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television; "have you seen the new production of Hamlet?"
3.coup de theatre - a highly successful theatrical production
staging, theatrical production - the production of a drama on the stage
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Le Parti de l'Espoir, apres l'effet mediatique du coup de theatre de sa creation par la charismatique gouverneure de Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, devrait remporter 50 sieges, selon TBS.
To stem mounting criticism of Europe, the European Union needs the coup de theatre of an open debate involving civil society, not just a handful of political representatives.
Maranhao avait provoque un retentissant coup de theatre en declarant que le vote de l'assemblee pleniere des deputes constituait un [beaucoup moins que] pre-jugement [beaucoup plus grand que] de la presidente et [beaucoup moins que] portait atteinte a une pleine defense de la presidente [beaucoup plus grand que].
And the show ends with a coup de theatre that is pure surreal pleasure.
IN RADIOHOLE'S PREVIOUS SHOW, Inflatable Frankenstein, the Brooklyn-based troupe utilized Mary Shelley's character to present a meditation on artistic creation that featured iPod-controlled tech, pink goo and a show-ending coup de theatre filled (literally) with hot air.
In fact, Cheetham comes up with a rather clever coup de theatre of his own at the very, very end of the production.
More than just a sensational coup de theatre, this building in a building provided an authentic setting for the action on stage while paying homage to the landmark monument the audience sat in.
More vivid in my memory are those coup de theatre acting moments that left me both puzzled and delighted.
It's an amazing coup de theatre and my most ambitious project.
Apres le coup de theatre de dimanche, qui avait vu le match etre reporte a lundi pour un possible sabotage des projecteurs d'une tribune, la lumiere cote Real sera surtout venue d'un Benzema qui a facilite l'entame de match des Madrilenes en marquant des la 13e minute.
The coup de theatre was delivered with real flair, and matched the wow factor of the jet-propelled "rocket man roaring into the stadium at the start of the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.
Group Three winner Xanadou, Coup de Theatre and Sofast complete the line-up.