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Course of action development left solely to the G-3 provides some evidence of commanders not driving operations or operational planning.
Important concepts such as centre of gravity, intelligence gaps, targetable vulnerabilities, decision points and course of action development will be highlighted and related to naturopathy.
During the brainstorming part of the course of action development, a variety of ideas can be generated by means of requiring team members to produce as much information as possible without evaluating.
During course of action development, the S6 should try and nest his element's plan with higher whenever practical.
A baseline provides easy access to facts and assumptions and, more important, provides the context for intelligent evaluation of alternatives during course of action development and selection.
The Analysis and Preliminary Design Phase is analogous to many steps in the MDMP, including: an estimate of the situation; mission analysis; and course of action development, comparison, and selection.
Therefore, as we moved towards course of action development, the staff, with the commander's refined guidance, explored potential interventions within those areas that had not received prior assistance from the U.S.
Armed with this initial estimate of the scope of effort required to develop the converged solution, the programmatics workgroup developed a proposed cost and schedule, ensuring that only "delta costs" associated with convergence were considered in the course of action development. In other words, both Services had an existing funding stream for their system of record.