A printed or digital collection of assigned readings, as for a college course, typically including an assortment of periodical articles or sections of longer books.

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Regarding the readings that formed the foundation of the course, they were made available to the students either as handouts or as part of their Coursepack provided to them at the start of the course.
Playing for Real Coursepack Edition: A Text on Game Theory.
coursepack context, students are unlikely to purchase the entire book if
Iser, Wolfgang (2006) "On Translatability," Cultural Typologies Coursepack, University of Bucharest.
In this instance, if the works are copyrighted, then teachers are allowed to photocopy excerpts for the purposes of score study, but are not allowed to create a "coursepack" of songs to distribute to students either for free or for a fee.
Throughout the text, the author referred to the "coursepack," which contains all the topic outlines and the problems students would work on during the semester.
Georgia State University) have redefined reserves and coursepack protocol, and cases against researchers involving the anti-circumvention restrictions contained within the DMCA have "showcased the chilling effect ...
Fan's teacher Gina (also a pseudonym), a teaching assistant pursuing a PhD in literature, had organized this eight-week, four-credit course around excerpts from twenty different memoirs, which she had assembled into a coursepack. Some were fictional, for example, Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita and Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders.
(2) Kirsten Jane Anker, Coursepack. Aboriginal Peoples and the Law, Faculte de droit, Universite McGill, 2008.