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Educational software designed especially for classroom use.


(Education) computer software designed to be used in an educational course


(ˈkɔrsˌwɛər, ˈkoʊrs-)

educational software designed esp. for use with classroom computers.
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Customizer Courseware Offered at Significant Discount to Help
ELT's courseware is specifically engineered to help establish invaluable defenses to employment law litigation such as workplace harassment, discrimination and invasion of privacy.
Nearly 25 percent of these schools incorporate SuccessMaker courseware into their programs.
Pearson Education Technologies (formerly NCS Learn) today announced the release of 66 new multimedia lessons in mathematics and language arts for its NovaNET(R) comprehensive courseware system.
Review of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Digital Courseware Investments Offers Findings and Lessons Learned
Before simulation courseware is designed, it is imperative to analyse the learning theories that are embedded in it.
Further, these proprietary course management systems could be used by the average instructor to deliver a course without the generation of any courseware at all.
Access to MarineNet courseware is available through the MarineNet Logon link.
Courses also leverage multimedia (streaming audio, video and animation), provide users with opportunities to interact with the courseware (quizzes and tests, activities and instructors) and provide a dynamic learning interface that offers users with different learning styles/ alternative modes, such as text-based presentations instead of multimedia.
Advanced Engineering and Research Associates (AERA), the training courseware creator for the Sikorsky-Boeing project, is using the Deep Server enterprise solutions from Right Hemisphere as the translation and integration solution for converting sophisticated 3D CAD models into training applications.
CTU Colorado Springs' ISS Programs Receive Certification from the Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation Review Committee
9 /PRNewswire/ -- Sideris Courseware announced the release of its new Microsoft Office 2007 courseware product line.