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Verb1.court favour - seek favor by fawning or flattery; "This employee is currying favor with his superordinates"
bootlick, kotow, toady, truckle, kowtow, fawn, suck up - try to gain favor by cringing or flattering; "He is always kowtowing to his boss"
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Each has taken up with a lady (Gwendolen and Cecily) who adores the name Earnest, and each of the men lies about his own name to court favour with his lady.
Hence, he has been known to court favour whenever the SP in power.
Their marriages, money, irresponsible hawkishness, Islamophobia and willingness to say almost anything to court favour with their party's hardliners has resulted in a long-running embarrassment.
When I interviewed him for this newspaper as he was running for the Conservative Party leadership in 2005, he tried to court favour by talking about his next-door neighbour, who planted a Welsh flag in his garden for internationals, and how he knew who then-golden boy Gavin Henson was ("He's going out with Charlotte Church, isn't he?") It all sounded a little like one of those judges who scratch their heads in bafflement at who these Beatles are.
What I find particularly nauseating about Nigel's letter is that he appears oblivious to atrocities perpetrated by his party throughout the Blair years - in particular when Britain was taken into an illegal war merely to court favour with an 'eccentric' American President.
Excessive Christmas gifts are given to court favour and seek influence.
An exemplary Meursault that seems to court favour with a lot of supermarket wine buyers.
TILTON1875, via email SEPP Blatter is an opportunist and is using the Martin Taylor incident to court favour with Arsene Wenger, who he is due to meet this week.
He had risen from the ranks and was not one to court favour or fame.
But Michael's failure to court favour with his teacher led to this hugely disappointing conclusion.
It certainly is a bold move and one that will no doubt court favour with manager Steve Paterson.