court of assize

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Noun1.court of assize - the county courts of England (replaced in 1971 by Crown courts)
court, judicature, tribunal - an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business
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Suzanne took the bag and departed, after allowing the old bachelor to kiss her, which he did with an air that seemed to say, "It is a right which costs me dear; but it is better than being harried by a lawyer in the court of assizes as the seducer of a girl accused of infanticide."
This year, Tripoli Court of Assize sentenced both among other co-defendants to death for the crimes they allegedly committed during Libya's 2011 uprising.(end) mao.ibi
(13) Judge Gargani examined the different types of jurisdiction recognized under international law, including that of passive personality which he defined as "attribut[ing] such jurisdiction to the State to which the victim belongs." Rome Court of Assize, n.
I was a member of the choir at Christ Church, one of whose duties was to sing at the colourful ceremonial service at St Mary's that preceded each visiting Court of Assize - for which we were rewarded with "the judge's shilling".
For years the Guildhall housed Newcastle's Court of Assize and still includes many of the 18th and 19th Century court fittings ( including this fearsome dock.