court of last resort

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court′ of last′ resort′

a court, as the Supreme Court, whose decision cannot be appealed.
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It is made up of countries, including the Philippines, to be a court of last resort. The ICC could only move in such a manner if the courts in that country would not persecute the cases," he said.
In the Supreme Court's own words, it is the 'court of last resort'.
Supreme Court is not only the Court of Last Resort but also the Guardian and Custodian of the Constitution and the basic rights of the citizens.
Being a court of last resort, Supreme Court hears appeals from all cases, including a case originating in the court of a civil or session judge at the district level.
The ICC is a court of last resort, only stepping in when a country is unable or unwilling to prosecute.
The ICC is a court of last resort and only acts when there are grave crimes and national authorities are unwilling or unable to prosecute and try those responsible.
The Texas Legislature has become the court of last resort for companies and industries fighting local regulations in the state's cities and counties.
As the International Criminal Court has already declared the indictment against the former Prime Minister beyond its current remit, Parliament must dust off its ancient role as the court of last resort and begin impeachment proceedings.
The analysis must support the conclusion that the client is more likely than not to prevail if the position is challenged and the case is heard by the court of last resort. However, as discussed later, the measurement of the tax benefit is based on the tax benefit likely to be realized upon ultimate settlement with the pertinent taxing authority.
France's choice to prosecute the suspects means the ICC, a court of last resort that prosecutes war crimes and crimes against humanity, would not be involved.
That decision is now being appealed before the Federal Court, Malaysia's court of last resort. (I have been involved with both appeals, helping represent the parties questioning the redelineation.)
This means that if the United States does not properly investigate and prosecute these cases, the ICC could step in.The ICC is a court of last resort -- it operates in complement to national courts.