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Adj.1.court-ordered - ordered by a court of law
legal - established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules
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Lynn, who was also licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, was disbarred in that state, and charged with at least 22 counts of misconduct, including: numerous overdrafts of her trust account; failure to adequately and promptly communicate with clients or even do the work; failure to provide an accounting for money received for services; failure to refund unearned fees; failure to notify clients that she had stopped practicing law and had relocated; and failure to participate in status conferences and other court-ordered hearings.
16434), Leah Platt Boustan analyzes changes in housing prices in neighborhoods on either side of the borders of city school districts that were subject to court-ordered school desegregation in the 1970s.
Whereas parents privately contracted with masters for craft apprenticeships, which required that youths be given an education and taught a trade, poor children under court-ordered apprenticeships did not necessarily get an education and could be assigned to such "trades" as housewifery, which might qualify poor girls to become house servants.
Roughly half of AOT recipients interviewed reported feeling angry at being court-ordered into treatment, although 62% of them stated that being court-ordered into treatment had been good for them.
The prisoner alleged breach of judiciary duty and violations of state regulations regarding prison trust accounts, in connection with deductions taken from deposits made to the prisoner's trust accounts in order to pay court-ordered restitution.
This wasn't court-ordered community service for committing a misdemeanor crime.
SM) launched its service in January as the nation's first service bureau designed to allow telecommunications carriers to outsource their CALEA compliance, subpoena processing and court-ordered technical assistance.
A young woman arrested for sneaking into actor Brad Pitt's home last January has six weeks to prove she is attending court-ordered counseling or risk going to jail, a judge said Thursday.
In addition, such court-ordered redesign could effectively bankrupt smaller technology companies with limited resources.
Sheriff Lee Baca is skirting a court-ordered system of promoting deputies to sergeants, by putting his favorites on the promotion list, according to complaints lodged by the deputies' union and an attorney monitoring the process.
The parties will work together to ensure prompt, efficient provisioning of court-ordered surveillance, wiretaps and subpoenas of information.