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Characterized by gracious consideration toward others. See Synonyms at polite.

[Middle English corteis, courtly, from Old French, from cort, court; see court.]

cour′te·ous·ly adv.
cour′te·ous·ness n.
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Well-mannered behavior toward others:
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لَطافه، تودُّد، كياسَه


(ˈkəːtiəs) adjective
polite; considerate and respectful. It was courteous of him to write a letter of thanks.
ˈcourteously adverb
ˈcourteousness noun
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The news "saddened England's Christmas." His friends mourned not only the loss of a great writer but "the cheerful companionship, the large heart, and open hand, the simple courteousness, and the endearing frankness of a brave, true, honest gentleman."*
For instance, not only can the framework be used to prioritize the quality and mix of diagnostic and therapeutic services offered by a hospital, as was the case in this article, but also to perform similar analysis on the milieu, manner, and behavior of the provider in delivering the service (e.g., cleanliness of rooms, promptness of service, professionalism of administrative personnel, courteousness and responsiveness of the nursing staff, quality of food, upkeep of physical facilities, etc.) (Martilla and James, 1977; Hemmasi et al., 1994).
Older consumers' evaluations were lower than younger consumers' evaluations on merchandise quality, selection, salesperson helpfulness, service quality, salesperson courteousness, overall store impression, salesperson friendliness, and likelihood of shopping at the store frequently.
By supplementing the audit with an employee survey, the risk manager can evaluate the administrative (i.e., accuracy and timeliness) and interpersonal skills (courteousness) of the provider.
While shoppers give new-home salespeople high marks for courteousness and professionalism (I'm not sure I would, but that's another story), shoppers rate the selling agents quite low in an area that ought to matter most: supplying information.
Moreover, Corporate Software now has more than three years of data from the surveys, which Salerno says provides a solid baseline for measuring overall improvements in customer satisfaction: 1989 1990 1991 Promptness of Response 4.02 4.16 4.39 Courteousness 4.06 4.55 4.66 Helpfulness 4.33 4.33 4.50 Technical Expertise 4.06 4.08 4.31 Communication Skill 4.47 4.39 4.56 Overall Service 4.18 4.29 4.48
If Casper inadvertently scared human beings with his spooky looks, he, the spirit world's answer to Uncle Tom, would win them back with his courteousness. And Richie, that prig in the Little Lord Fauntleroy suit, always minded his millionaire dad.
Regardless of the religious views of Jacob Rees Mogg, he scores heavily with all audiences, for example on Question Time, for his intelligence, empathy with all sections of society and complete courteousness in the face of often disgraceful attacks.
It also mandates the employees to extend "prompt, courteousness and adequate service" and be "true to their calling as public servants."
While the Catholic leader did not identify anyone, he said that the decline in courteousness in national conversations happened since two years ago-roughly since the start of President Rodrigo Duterte's administration.
In recent times, Sri Lanka has become the world's popular tourist destination not only due to its natural beauty but also the courteousness of its people.
I testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His Prophet and Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam who said: "Indecency and obscene words distort any act, while courteousness embellishes any good act".