courtesy card

cour′tesy card`

a card making the bearer eligible for special prices or privileges, as at a hotel, club, or bank.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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I believe we could have sold more, but there were several complimentary tickets as well as several courtesy card holders who were allowed free access into the stadium.
Another draw for Discount Drug Mart is the once-a-month senior savings day, and the chain keeps expanding the capabilities of its courtesy card, on which it can now load cash awards and gift cards.
MANILA -- Here's a stern reminder to traffic enforcers, especially to those who flagged down a curvaceous model for a traffic violation but let her go after she showed a courtesy card of a police official: Spare no one when enforcing the law.
The Knee Defender comes with a courtesy card. It can be given to the co-passenger sitting in the front, informing him about the limit of his seat's recline angle.
Tickets are $35, and include a courtesy card worth $5 off at each of the 11 restaurants.
Croissants, fresh fruit and freshlybrewed coffee keep the wolf from the door, while the thoughtful touch of a courtesy card with the weather and temperature marked on it meant there are no 'what shall I wear?' dilemmas.
For a decade or more Jones had a courtesy card at CUA library, which was just that, a courtesy.
* "Shop Rite courtesy card records your sale amounts and when you spend $150 you get a free turkey and when you spend $300, you get 15% off your next order." That's a good use of a shopper card."
Broadwell chose the Dominick's courtesy card as the identification badge to use with the data collection system.
According to a report by the Liberty Times, the Social Welfare Department of New Taipei City revealed on Tuesday that the city government was planning to provide senior citizen hard holders more benefits using their senior courtesy cards.
According to Federal Reserve research, oil companies and department stores issued paper "courtesy cards" or "charge plates" for at least some of their customers.
Ironically for a high-security technology the Sheriff's Office has been inspired to use the metallised holograms on its business and courtesy cards as well.