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Plural of court-martial.
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Investigations started months after the incident led to courts-martial charges ranging from murder to dereliction of duty for the eight Marines involved in the killings and aftermath.
professionalism of courts-martial, in conjunction with an overburdened
Fifty years ago, judge advocates (JAs) stationed in Germany participated in more than a few courts-martial involving undisciplined Soldiers.
Rules for Courts-Martial (RCM), the Military Rules of Evidence (MRE),
Army Joint Multinational Command office in Germany, Staff Sergeant Jess Cunningham, 27, and Sergeant Charles Quigley, 28, both formerly of the 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, will face the charges at a general courts-martial.
Instead, as did many other courts-martial that dealt with black mutineers, the panel that tried Baker attempted to balance between the legitimacy of the men's frustration while also maintaining the rule of law and military discipline and it sentenced Baker to death.
and the Manual for Courts-Martial which implements it, have been anything but static documents.
Jenkins will be tried in a hearing of the general court-martial, the highest-level court among three kinds of courts-martial, Shima said.
The verdicts of such tribunals, which, according to Bush's order, may not be appealed in the civilian court system, will be based on much lower standards of evidence than even regular courts-martial.
Of particular interest are papers about notable courts-martial, influential judge advocates, and comparisons of the military and civilian justice system.
Six Marines based at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station and Camp Pendleton also are facing courts-martial for refusing to take the mandatory shots.
To put the problem into perspective, it is necessary to look at the origins of courts-martial, which have evolved over some 300 years.