The area immediately bordering the official court of play, as in tennis or basketball.


(ˈkɔːtˌsaɪd) sport
the area closest to the court
(General Sporting Terms) next to the court


(ˈkɔrtˌsaɪd, ˈkoʊrt-)

the area adjoining the official playing area of a court, as in basketball or tennis.
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Levy handles the food in the Continental Courtside Club and the suites on the second floor at Chesapeake Energy Arena.
Diaz, who took home the Philippines' first Olympic medal in 20 years over a month ago in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, sat courtside with her parents.
The astronomical sum for the pair - PS70,000 - was paid by a single customer to resale site StubHub for the courtside tickets for today's game.
Denver-based University Communities bought the Skybox and Courtside apartments on Villard and Orchard streets, near Matthew Knight Arena, two deeds filed last week with the Lane County Clerk's Office show.
Despite the collision with Ellie Day, James said he felt the courtside seats were "a great experience" for fans.
Courtside seats is no doubt the best seats in the house, not only in basketball but all professional sports.
GABBY DARIO,20, Broadcasting Communication/hip-hop dancer/UAAP courtside reporter, University of the Philippines-Diliman
Tomic's father John is not allowed courtside at Wimbledon while he serves a 12-month ATP ban for allegedly assaulting his son's hitting partner, Thomas Drouet.
Grbcic was spotted sitting in Tomic's courtside box taking pictures and cheering, as he demolished world No.
is acquiring the naming rights to the Boston Celtics' exclusive Courtside Club as part of a multiyear partnership renewal beginning in the 2012-2013 season.
Gallo Winery has announced plans to acquire Courtside Cellars of San Miguel, Calif.
Summary: David Cameron has watched his first basketball match in Ohio, sitting courtside with the US President Barack Obama.