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The number of electron pairs an atom can share with other atoms.

co·va′len·cy n.
co·va′lent adj.
co·va′lent·ly adv.
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Adj.1.covalent - of or relating to or characterized by covalence; "covalent bond"
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[kəʊˈveɪlnt] adj covalent bond (Chem) → legame m covalente
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Principia's proprietary Tailored Covalency platform enables the company to design and develop reversible and irreversible covalent, small molecule inhibitors with potencies and selectivities that have the potential to rival those of injectable biologics yet maintain the convenience of a pill.
KARACHI -- In the run-up to the Momentum Tech Conference, to be held on 30th April and 1st May at a hotel in Karachi, Momentum, in collaboration with Copay (an initiative of Covalent) will be organising a Fintech Hackathon.
There's no taming the unruly passion of a Covalent warrior.
30 January 2019 - California, US-based Covalent Metrology has acquired California-based SMT Analytical, providing analytical laboratory support for major electronics manufacturers, to enter the Materials Failure Analysis business, the company said.
Keywords: Aspergillus oryzae; [beta]-Galactosidase; covalent immobilization; Eupergit CM; lactose-free cow's milk; lactose intolerance
Summary: Using density functional theory, noncovalent interactions and two mechanisms of covalent functionalization of drug 2-methoxyestradiol with functionalized carbon nanotube (CNT) have been investigated.
Called Covalent, the system processes both consumer and business banking credit requests, from point of sale through e-contracting.
That is because rubber is made of polymers often connected by permanent, covalent bonds.
KARACHI -- MCB-ArifHabib Savings and Investments Limited (MCB-AH) has signed an agreement with Covalent Pvt Limited an Access Group and TPS Joint Venture to launch Pakistan's First mutual fund with 1LINK enabled PayPak Debit Card.
Although superatomic materials have previously been demonstrated in three dimensions, so far it has not been possible to prepare these materials in two dimensions due to a lack of covalent bonding between the superatoms.