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The number of electron pairs an atom can share with other atoms.

co·va′len·cy n.
co·va′lent adj.
co·va′lent·ly adv.
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Adj.1.covalent - of or relating to or characterized by covalence; "covalent bond"


[kəʊˈveɪlnt] adj covalent bond (Chem) → legame m covalente
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We are excited about the potential opportunity for our lead program, the non-covalent BTK inhibitor vecabrutinib, to help patients who have developed resistance to covalent BTK inhibitors such as ibrutinib, the current standard of care in treating CLL," said Dayton Misfeldt, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Sunesis.
MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments has joined hands with Covalent, a partnership between Access Group and TPS, to introduce a mutual fund with 1LINK-enabled PayPak Debit Card in Pakistan.
KARACHI -- MCB-ArifHabib Savings and Investments Limited (MCB-AH) has signed an agreement with Covalent Pvt Limited an Access Group and TPS Joint Venture to launch Pakistan's First mutual fund with 1LINK enabled PayPak Debit Card.
M2 PHARMA-December 8, 2017-H3 Biomedicine Preclinical Studies Show Selective Estrogen Receptor Covalent Antagonist Inactivates Wild-type and Mutant Estrogen Receptor Alphas
25 October 2017 - US-based private equity firm New Heritage Capital's portfolio company, US-based patient logistics solutions provider Covalent Health, through its Century Ambulance subsidiary, has acquired St.
That is because rubber is made of polymers often connected by permanent, covalent bonds.
Al Taif Money Transfer (TMT), a subsidiary of Al Taif Group Iraq signed up Covalent, for a joint venture of TPS and Access Group to enhance their cards and payments infrastructure.
The hybrid polymer cleverly combines the two types of known polymers: those formed with strong covalent bonds and those formed with weak non-covalent bonds, well known as "supramolecular polymers.
International Resource News-December 9, 2014--CoorsTek signs definitive agreement to acquire Covalent Materials
Thus, this study is intended to report the characterization of unfilled NR/EPDM elastomeric rubber blend and blend with filled ATPS covalent treated and untreated GNPs nanofiller.
A single water molecule consists of a relatively large oxygen atom joined to two smaller hydrogen atoms by standard covalent bonds.
Targeting of non-catalytic cysteine residues with covalent inhibitors is a powerful strategy for optimizing pharmacologic potency and selectivity on challenging targets such as protein kinases.