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The number of electron pairs an atom can share with other atoms.

co·va′len·cy n.
co·va′lent adj.
co·va′lent·ly adv.
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Adj.1.covalent - of or relating to or characterized by covalence; "covalent bond"


[kəʊˈveɪlnt] adj covalent bond (Chem) → legame m covalente
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The vaccine is based on unique glycans, covalently linked to clinically relevant grass pollen derived peptides.
Amine groups can covalently bond with a variety of polymers, including polycarbonates, polyesters, acrylics, nylons, polyether ether ketones, polysulfones, polyvinylalcohol and polyimides.
9,254,254 B2; Johnson & Johnson has patented a composition that is comprised of a continuous water phase; a discontinuous oil phase, homogeneously distributed in said water phase, that is comprised of a polymer composition comprising a sunscreen agent with a linear, ultraviolet radiation absorbing polyether that has a covalently bound UV-chromophore and comprises a backbone having glyceryl repeat units; and an oil-in-water emulsifier component comprising an anionic oil-in-water emulsifier and a nonionic oil-in-water emulsifier having an alcohol functional group; and the linear, ultraviolet radiation absorbing polyether is present in an amount effective to provide an SPF of 10 or greater.
The highly versatile chemical properties of CPMA allow it to be covalently linked to a diverse range of anti-cancer compounds together with a signalling moiety directing it to cancer cells and bypassing healthy tissues.
It was suggested that hydroxyl groups of PUA can not only engage in the intramolecular and/or intermolecular hydrogen bonding, but also form covalently crosslinked networks with polyisocyanate in their films.
They can be further modified by covalently functionalizing the outside of the tube with different atoms or molecules.
Integrating advances in cell biology, chemistry, physics, materials science, and nanoscience, fifteen papers describe the various methods used to covalently engineer cell membranes, transfer protein to a cell surface, bind biotin to a cell surface, modify cell surface architecture with enzymes, and efficiently target transplanted cells to diseased tissues.
91% of its initial activity, while the adsorbed lipase retained its initial activity of 100% as same as covalently immobilized lipase.
The best known example of this is the diamond which is made up of covalently bonded carbon atoms.
When the electron-accepting NDI chromophore is covalently or non-covalently bonded to an electron-donating group such as DAN the resulting complex tends to facilitate charge-transfer (C-T) induced donor-acceptor (D-A) stacking.
Each well has its own porous disc at the bottom in which protein A or protein G has been covalently attached.
However, calcium alginate hydrogels are less stable in salt and buffer solutions when compared to some covalently crosslinked alginate hydrogels.