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1. Physics Expressing, exhibiting, or relating to covariant theory.
2. Statistics Varying with another variable quantity in a manner that leaves a specified relationship unchanged.
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(ˈkəʊˌvɛərɪənt) maths
(Mathematics) a variant that changes leaving interrelations with another variant (or variants) unchanged
(Mathematics) changing in such a way that interrelations with another variant (or variants) remain unchanged
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(koʊˈvɛər i ənt)

(of one magnitude with respect to another) varying in accordance with a fixed mathematical relationship.
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Adj.1.covariant - changing so that interrelations with another variable quantity or set of quantities remain unchanged
variable - liable to or capable of change; "rainfall in the tropics is notoriously variable"; "variable winds"; "variable expenses"
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They then form the covariant basis of the tangent plane to the midsurface at the generic point []([[xi].sub.1], [[xi].sub.2], 0) in the deformed configuration.
The differences of zircon titanium thermometry, IuHf(t) value and the covariant relation of Rb/Sr and Ba among the two stages of magmatism show that Tsona leucogranties originated from more than one melting reactions, they had experienced the change from dehydration melting to fluid fluxed melting, and the reason respond to this transformation may be the start of the E-W extension in Southern Tibet.
In his work, the Dirac equation was extended by applying 8-dimensional spinors for the decomposition of the square root in the covariant equation of special relativity.
Logistical regression model was used to investigate the association of the source of memory complaints with the risk of cognitive impairment conversion or cognitive decline after adjusting for covariant. A P < 0.05 was considered as statistical significance.
Pieter Abbeel, a roboticist at University of California, Berkeley and co-founder of the robot-training company, says the robotics field has benefits and constraints that push progress in AI.
If we can find these, then, the Dirac equation is said to be Lorentz Invariant (Covariant).
Gender was the covariant. All variables were standardized.
Analysis of covariance, with age, gender, type of stoma as the covariant, was used to examine groups differences based on COHQOL-OQ scores.
In order to avoid any possible confounding effects, gender was used as a covariant in the statistical methods, where appropriate.
The formula can also be used to establish the corresponding covariant identities [1].
Perturbative covariant approaches to the problem of quantum gravity have an inherent weakness in that they depend on a fine classical background.
This is, to our knowledge the most widely developed approach, but this approach seems to fail partially for nonabelian theories, partly because the trivialization is not gauge covariant. This leads to gauge-fixing strategies.