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1. One who makes a covenant.
2. Covenanter A Scottish Presbyterian who supported either of two agreements, the National Covenant of 1638 or the Solemn League and Covenant of 1643, intended to defend and extend Presbyterianism.


(ˈkʌvənəntə; ˌkʌvəˈnæntə)
(Historical Terms) a person upholding the National Covenant of 1638 or the Solemn League and Covenant of 1643 between Scotland and England to establish and defend Presbyterianism


(ˈkʌv ə nən tər; for 2 also Scot. ˌkʌv əˈnæn tər)

1. a person who makes a covenant.
2. (cap.) a person who upheld the Scottish National Covenant or the Solemn League and Covenant.


[ˈkʌvɪnəntəʳ] N (Scot) (Hist) → firmante mf de un pacto
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This, as you know, is the important point of distinction between the Covenanter and the Cavalier.
And indeed it must be owned that both my scruples and the words in which I declared them, smacked somewhat of the Covenanter, and were little in their place among wild Highland Jacobites.
February 17 is: Random act of Kindness Day On this day: 1688 - James Renwick, leader of the remaining Covenanter Presbyterian rebels, is executed in Edinburgh.
On the weekend of October 22 and 23, re-enactors portraying Scots Covenanter soldiers will fire cannon and muskets and demonstrate 17th century garrison life.
He cited three supporting texts, but failed to note that the New Testament was the product of an infant church strongly influenced by contemporary Hebrew images of Yahweh as warrior, lawgiver and covenanter.
However, Alasdair Raffe's chapter, "Scottish State Oaths and the Revolution of 1688-90," looks at the religious as well as the political convictions underlying the decision to swear or abstain from the various oaths which were imposed by the new government, while Caroline Erskine's study of the political thought of the covenanter writers after the Restoration argues that identification as a persecuted religious minority influenced their theories of resistance to the monarch and their praise of 'martyrs' to the cause.
director of the Covenanter Singers and the Presbyterian Men's Chorus, and Catherine Walker, who asked members of the Georgian Bay Chorus to participate, presented a joint Christmas cantata.
Uncle Blair is a Covenanter who clings to his religion, defying the king who claims to be head of the church.
A covenant is a contract in which the covenanter makes a promise to a covenantee to do or not do some action.
From Old Mortality's endless pilgrimage restoring Covenanter gravestones to Alison Wilson's ritualized care of Milnewood after Henry Morton's presumed death, most of the rituals in Old Mortality are symbolic actions operating in a culture struggling over symbols.
The crowd tried to emulate the achievements of their Covenanter ancestors in order to seek a new era of organized activism and social mobilization (see Krull 725-26).
LEGAL COMMENTARY: A covenant by a physician not to compete is not against public policy if it is intended to protect a legitimate interest of the covenantee and is not so broad as to be oppressive to the covenanter or the public.