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Verb1.cover for - provide an excuse or alibi for someone so as to cover up guilt; "I won't lie and cover for you"
protect - shield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage; "Weatherbeater protects your roof from the rain"
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w>cover for

vi +prep obj
absent personvertreten, einspringen für
(= protect)decken
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God has provided the necessary cover for women, their hair.
If the student has items that are worth more than this limit, or if they want cover for things that they take out of their room on a regular basis, they will need to look to extend the cover, either by contacting the insurers who arrange the block halls policy, or by going to a specialist student insurers like Endsleigh, who will arrange extra cover.
Player Covers: Albie Morkel (cover for Jason Roy), Chris Green (cover for Rashid Khan), Ben Laughlin (cover for Jofra Archer)
com is advising winter sports enthusiasts to check their travel insurance to ensure it gives them adequate cover for loss or damage to skis, sticks, boots and snowboards.
The website is geared toward informing the consumer so they can choose the best tonneau cover for their truck bed based on the features they are looking for in a tonneau cover.
AMCOM's Corrosion Prevention and Control Program has been conducting a demonstration/validation project for a lightweight, breathable protective cover for aircraft and Patriot components.
Because the ET cover is a natural, self-renewing cover for waste, it will last indefinitely.