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Noun1.cover plate - covering consisting of a plate used to cover over or close in a chamber or receptaclecover plate - covering consisting of a plate used to cover over or close in a chamber or receptacle
covering - an artifact that covers something else (usually to protect or shelter or conceal it)
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Each column with a flange is composed of a steel column and a flange equipped with a cover plate. The column base is composed of flanges, a short column, and a vertical stiffener.
But allaying those concerns, Stockton Council has confirmed that the damage was on an outside cover plate rather than the bridge itself.
Later we'll show you how to mount the outlet and fit the cover plate to the irregular stone surface.
The new wall suspension element comprises two parts (a holder and a cover plate) and features two anti-slide feet.
The heater has a thermostat control screw behind a tamper-proof cover plate, accessible only by using a special tool bit, sold with the heater.
The company will start contacting affected owners next month to arrange for a cover plate to be installed inside the switch free of charge.
The cover plate and tapped inserts or threaded studs are molded-in zinc-plated.
There are threads integrated on the upper face of the gripper in addition to the threads on the cover plate to facilitate mounting of add-ons.
The PNC30 has a customer-supplied cover plate that allows the valve pin to be removed or adjusted without removing the top clamp plate.
It has a 1650F (74AC) temperature rating and features a flat cover plate with half-inch (13 mm) of vertical adjustment.
How much lube an AVLB roadwheel hub gets depends a lot on how you install its cover plate, mechanics.
Toolholders for cutting and boring tools can be mounted on the cover plate. The piezoelectric sensor system measures the forces with virtually no displacement and the design of the dynamometer minimises temperature error.