covered bridge

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cov·ered bridge

A bridge whose roadway is enclosed by a roof and by walls on both sides.

Covered Bridge

A bridge with wooden trusses and a roof so that the trusses were protected from the weather.
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Noun1.Covered Bridge - a bridge whose passageway is protected by a roof and enclosing sidescovered bridge - a bridge whose passageway is protected by a roof and enclosing sides
bridge, span - a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
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The doomed man was marched down a hall and out at a door-way into the covered Bridge of Sighs, through it and into the dungeon and unto his death.
The Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company will boost productivity to accommodate the growing demand for its products, including a new line of popcorn, thanks to a $437,500 investment from the Government of Canada.
But not all of these sites or Backroad Discovery tours revolve around military history in this part of the state with streets named Benedict Crossing, Tory Lane, and Covered Bridge Road.
I enjoyed the story in the May/June issue about the covered bridge in Frankenmuth, Michigan ("GRIT'S Covered Bridge").
gt;> Home to more than 50 covered bridges, the Granite State also owns and maintains the longest covered bridge in New England, at 449 feet: the 1866 Town lattice truss bridge linking Cornish, New Hampshire, and Windsor, Vermont, over the Connecticut River.
Spanning so many of those steps and trout was a covered bridge.
Because a covered bridge provides shelter against strong wind and heavy rain, it is known as "bridge for wind and rain" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) in some southern provinces of China where severe seasonal storms are common.
David Wright, president of the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges, said Tuesday a team from his group had made an inspection tour of the Sanborn covered bridge on Sunday and agreed that it needed to be shored up soon to keep it from falling into the river.
The extra warehouse capacity has been achieved by linking two buildings with a two-way conveyor in a 90-metre-long covered bridge and installing new racking and conveyors to minimise walking time for staff and improve productivity.
While some sites are public property (the description for the Ada Covered Bridge explains that visitors have carved their initials into its interior surfaces for years), most listed on the website are not.
A covered bridge has enclosed sides and a roof, often accommodating only a single lane of traffic.
I suggested there should be entrances on Hales St and Bishop St and a covered bridge linking it with Canal Basin.