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Noun1.covered stadium - a stadium that has a roofcovered stadium - a stadium that has a roof    
sports stadium, stadium, arena, bowl - a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
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The day finished with relaxing nibbles and drinks before people moved off to enjoy the last throws of St Patrick's Day and the impending Highlanders versus Crusaders game at the covered stadium.
And the renowned American designer has taken to Twitter to explain why the idea of a covered stadium does NOT appeal to him.
Bowlers and administrators fear that a covered stadium will affect the swing bowling.
Menorca believes the leadership has squandered a lot of money on a private Airbus jetliner and the construction of the Philippine Arena, the biggest covered stadium in the world, built to celebrate the INC's centennial in 2014.
As Day One came to a close, the gathering effectively and comprehensively covered stadium technologies, security protocols, legacy programmes and more -- looking at both regional and global case studies and demands.
Phil Wallace, a sports columnist for influential media and politics website ( LA Observed and a board member of the city's 2024 Olympic bid, said having a covered stadium with the features and capabilities of the Inglewood plan (whose presentation by Kroenke and chief operating officer Kevin Demoff reportedly had other owners "( blown away ") might also mean major entertainment events that have nothing to do with sports could return to a city that hasn't really had a good venue for them for years.
Rugby Forsyth Barr Stadium seats 30,000 and is New Zealand's only covered stadium and, in a world-first, is the only permanently covered stadium with real grass growing under its space-age transparent roof.
But board spokesman Toni Freixa said on the club's website the choice was to build a covered stadium on land owned by the University of Barcelona or a "profound remodelling" project.
It includes a covered stadium and decking area with solar powered roof to watch the games on a flatscreen Sony TV, a mini football pitch, a hot tub, BBQ and football lampshades which serve as hanging baskets.
The 21-year-old Ivanovic, who is working without a coach, starts against Julia Goerges of Germany in the opening match on the second covered stadium.
The kick-off parade is on the first Friday in July and then for 10 days the Calgary Stampede lays claim to highly-prized rodeo competitions, a huge agricultural fair, various country and rock stars performing in a covered stadium known as the Saddledome (it's shaped like a saddle), and copious amounts of beer, flowing freely in bars across the city.