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Noun1.covered stand - a stand at a racecourse or stadium consisting of tiers with rows of individual seats that are under a protective roof
box seat - a special seat in a theater or grandstand box
stand - tiered seats consisting of a structure (often made of wood) where people can sit to watch an event (game or parade)
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It is an excellent set-up at Lockwood - a covered stand, an on-site bar, and even people playing Rugby League
If given the green light, the proposed community facility will include a main covered stand with 480 seats, a two-storey clubhouse and a secondary covered stand.
But now the club can look to the future and what we do need is another small covered stand tot the right of where the referee's box is.
Reconstruction of existing covered stand (western part) with a capacity of 2,920 seats;
They have now done so by building a new covered stand behind one of the goals that has three rows of 12 seats and one of 14.
One of the more fascinating features will be a football pitch built on the coast with a crescent-shaped covered stand.
A year ago he donated more than pounds 50,000 towards the purchase of a new 650-seater covered stand at their Billesley Common ground.
Off the pitch, hospitality boxes and a new covered stand are all helping to move Billesley Common away from its parks' pitch roots as the club claw their way back into the upper echelons of English rugby.
But Leach is equally ambitious about matters off the field, with plans for a new covered stand and a five-star hotel.
The criteria include a covered stand for a minimum of 2,000, changing facilities, floodlights, 200 spaces for parking, toilets and handicap access.
WOOLLY WONDERS: Melanie Porter's feast of woolly treats include a stripe knit Robert clock, pounds 65, and a Freya table lamp, pounds 550, with knitted covered stand and crocheted flower drum lampshade.