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Feeling, expressing, or characterized by a strong or immoderate desire for the possessions of another: "At least three European empires had extended covetous gazes toward the Pacific Northwest" (David A. Bell).

cov′et·ous·ly adv.
cov′et·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.covetously - with jealousy; in an envious manner; "he looked at his friend's new car jealously"
2.covetously - in a greedy mannercovetously - in a greedy manner      
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بِطَـمـَع، باشتِـهـاء
gıpta ederekimrenerek


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[ˈkʌvɪtəslɪ] advavidamente, bramosamente
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(ˈkavit) past tense past participle ˈcoveted verb
to desire or wish for eagerly (especially something belonging to someone else). I coveted her fur coat.
ˈcovetous adjective
ˈcovetously adverb
ˈcovetousness noun
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Miserable women, whose faces never smile, haunt the butchers' shops in such London localities as these, with relics of the men's wages saved from the public-house clutched fast in their hands, with eyes that devour the meat they dare not buy, with eager fingers that touch it covetously, as the fingers of their richer sisters touch a precious stone.
The poet looked on covetously as long as he could restrain himself.
The man was looking at the coin covetously, but his wife pushed him away.
The sheer size of the Niims database makes cybercriminals lick their tongues covetously.
The only exception I'd now be prepared to make to that is to say that if Ian Maxwell isn't looking covetously at him as Alex McLeish's successor with the Scotland team, you'd have to ask why.
A century on from the Ottomans' demise, Turkey is again looking covetously at the region.
In his overview of the emergent Anglo-German rivalry, Allison rehashes familiar themes of arms races, naval buildups, and Germany's bid to uproot Britain's status as the 'workshop of the world' in order to stress the ways in which the British covetously protected their preeminent place on the international stage against the perceived threat of Germany's advancing military and economic power.
IP's place in this thrilling ride is ubiquitous--from the trade secrets that each team covetously hides, to the sponsors whose trademarks adorn both uniform and chassis, to the engineering and design elements ultimately patented for commercial production to the masses and the licensing revenues generated through television broadcasting.
And, despite one unfortunate dalliance--with a gold-digging man who aimed to exploit her--Ernestine remains unwed, living vicariously through her neighbors, whose snug domesticity she covetously watches like a benign Grendel.
It appears to be subverting patriarchy, but on closer examination is revealed as a mere smokescreen covetously reinforcing key elements of patriarchy in other areas of life.