cow manure

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Noun1.cow manure - cow excreta used as fertilizercow manure - cow excreta used as fertilizer  
manure - any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta usually with litter material
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The microturbine package will operate on renewable biogas from the methane generated from agricultural green waste, cow manure, and pig manure.
'There are over millions of cows in Cambodia and they all produce this,' Jeffreys said pointing to a field of cow manure.
EIV Capital, a Houston firm that invests in energy businesses, recently helped raise $75 million in funding that will research turning dairy cattle's recycled cow manure into usable, clean energy products.
During a meeting chaired by Sindh Minister for Energy, Imtiaz A Shaikh, the proposed plant to utilize cow manure as the raw material had been much deliberated upon prior to the decision to determine its feasibility.
It took me five years to figure out the best way to raise watermelon: Dig a hole, put a handful of sand in the bottom, add a handful of cow manure, and then four or five seeds, and cover it all with a hill of mounded soil.
Different treatments (vermicompost, composting through pig manure, cow manure and biochar) have been proposed to increase soil nutrients through recycling of such materials.
The country folk between the ranchers soon had muddy trails caused by the cattle, and cow manure in the yards and driveways.
There's a deep love of the land, with its "air thick with the scent of cow manure," yet the farm is still most beautiful "before the fog has lifted and you start remembering all the ways it has betrayed you."
Plant's manager Thomas Pellmeyer demonstrated how biogas can be extracted from cow manure.
Dairy farms also face new state regulations for handling and storing cow manure that one dairy consultant estimates have initial costs of $300,000 to $2 million.
The treatments, besides intercropping, included fermented poultry and cow manures. The treatments consisted of 1-Fermented cow manure applied at a rate of 5 tons/ha-denoted as CM, 2-Fermented poultry manure applied at a rate of 5 tons/ha-denoted as PM, 3-Fermented poultry and cow manure combined at a rate of 2.5 tons/ha of each -this is denoted as PMCM, 4-control-no fertilizers added, denoted as C.