cow pen

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Noun1.cow pen - a pen for cattlecow pen - a pen for cattle      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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Harima smiles and exchanges a few words in Swahili with the man leaning against the railing of the cow pen.
They were taken to hospital suffer ing from breathing difficulties after the incident at the plant on the Cow pen Lane Industrial Estate in Billing ham.
2 miles of 48-inch diameter potable water pipeline extending from the northern terminus of the Authority s existing transmission system located along Cow Pen Slough immediately west of the Sarasota County Landfill, north to Clark Road (SR 72).
The small child will not remove his sunglasses and is banging into everything; the gran, despite needing a walking frame, wants to scale Richmond's market square; the dad has heart set on finding a farmer's market (I fear his ambition will see us up to our eyes in mud in a cow pen somewhere); the oldest son is sulking and will no doubt continue to cut off his nose to spite his face; the aunt wants to chill out, an impossible task when she is also the family peacekeeper; Mr Bruce has rekindled his pyromania and is on a quest for logs and I will just be happy if I can find a Starbucks.
This gave them full access to grasshoppers, spilled grain and anything they found of interest in the cow pen.
Her body lay undiscovered at her home in Brier lay Road, Cow pen, for around a week while Summers used her bank card to steal pounds 300.
STURBRIDGE - A skunk found dead in a cow pen at Old Sturbridge Village on Thursday has tested positive for rabies.