cow pie

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Noun1.cow pie - fecal matter of a cow
droppings, dung, muck - fecal matter of animals
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These days they are beautifully floodlit thus creating an amazing spectacle for visitors and prove a popular venue for weddings and concerts Tour over and with heightened appetites we drove the short distance to The Black Country's famous Mad O'Rourke's Pie Factory in Tipton, home of the famous Lump Hammer Beer and their renowned pies including the "Desperate Dan Cow Pie".
Shelby County State Bank is sponsoring Cow Pie Bingo on Monday and Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30.
( Columbia River Natural Pet Foods has expanded its ( recent pet food recall to also include 261 packages of Cow Pie products and 82 packages of Chicken & Vegetables fresh frozen meats for dogs and cats.
"We had to figure out how to make a cow pie convincingly," Greg said.
They include a winking giant bathing in the pond, a huge cow pie, an oversized bra and bloomers suspended on a washing line, a steaming hot giant mug and a massive poison bottle.
As cow pie was not available and the little-known Kiwi speciality, mince on toast, sounded terrifying, she requested the sweetcorn fritters with extra feta cheese.
The plentiful menu boasts pub grub favourites like homemade chicken curry, homemade cow pie, corned beef pie and a raft of steak and burger choices.
As Microgram's editor complained, "Many things that would have been better left buried in obscurity--like smoking bufo toad skins, sniffing concentrated cow pie fumes, allowing yourself to be stung by scorpions, smoking jimson weed or salvia divinorum, drinking cough syrups, mixing up concoctions of any of dozens of different kinds of drugs and pharmaceuticals, drinking ayahuasca tea, etc., etc., etc.--have been brought to light by the Internet, and are therefore practiced."
I've come for the Desperate Dan Cow Pie, 4lb of pastry and meat delivered hot from the kitchen to my "reinforced table".
My immature mind pictured him as a sort of Geordie Desperate Dan, bending gas lamps and eating cow pie from Greggs along the way.
at Viking Sal Senior Center; tickets are $5 for adults and $2 for children 12 and younger; Cow Pie Bingo at Junction City High School; cost is $5 for each ticket (square), $50 for 12 tickets (square); for tickets, contact Teresa Brown at 541-517-2289 or Marilyn Pollard at 541-514-9897.