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Exhibiting the characteristics of a coward, particularly ignoble fear: a cowardly surrender.

cow′ard·li·ness n.
cow′ard·ly adv.
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Noun1.cowardliness - the trait of lacking courage
spirit - a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character
cravenness - meanspirited cowardice
fearfulness - the trait of being afraid
dastardliness - despicable cowardice




(ˈkauəd) noun
a person who shows fear easily or is easily frightened. I am such a coward – I hate going to the dentist.
ˈcowardly adjective
ˈcowardice (-dis) noun
ˈcowardliness noun
References in classic literature ?
He kept his love of horsemanship, but he rarely allowed himself a day's hunting; and when he did so, it was remarkable that he submitted to be laughed at for cowardliness at the fences, seeming to see Mary and the boys sitting on the five-barred gate, or showing their curly heads between hedge and ditch.
The cruel cowardliness of the power-drunk creature whose malignant mind conceived such frightful forms of torture stirred to their uttermost depths my resentment and my manhood.
'Because India cannot compete with the conviction of Kashmiris, Modi is not even allowing its opposition parties to visit Kashmir which proves his cowardliness but no power in the world can suppress the voice of Kashmiris now,' he said.
By attacking her, BJP gave another evidence of their cowardliness," UP Congress tweeted.
'Targeting the unarmed and innocent civilians along the LoC reflects the height of cowardliness on the part of the Indian army,' he said.
Mr Haider said targeting unarmed and innocent civilians along the LoC reflected the height of cowardliness on the part of the army and the government of India.
Terming the firing an act of cowardliness, Raja Farooq said such an incident would not demoralize the people of Kashmir.
Terming the firing an act of 'cowardliness,' Raja Farooq said such an incident would not demoralise the people of Azad Kashmir.
SHK: Yes, but it just so happens that courage is represented by the woman and cowardliness is represented by the man.
His killing is an act of cowardliness, and nothing will justify the act.
"I have always had this conversation with my friends, that we lived a phase in our lives where we would never see a strong man hitting a weaker one or a dispute between one man against 16 others, and where attacking someone from behind was extreme cowardliness. ...
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Interior Professor Ahsan Iqbal Sunday strongly condemned the terrorist attack on a church in Quetta, terming the incident tragic and an act of cowardliness. He, in his statement of condemnation, said anti-state elements wanted to fan unrest and anarchy in the country to achieve their nefarious designs.