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Noun1.cowbarn - a barn for cowscowbarn - a barn for cows      
barn - an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals
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You'll have the skaters Boom Boom time BASIL BRUSH'S FAMILY FUN SHOW Udderbelly Cowbarn, Bristo Square This was always set to be a winner - kids love the anarchic humour of the Cbeebies fox, while 50 years of telly and stage shows means every parent, or even grandparent, have a longstanding affection for the wee critter too.
Craig Hill - Tartan About is on until August 26 at the Underbelly Cowbarn.
The South African, 27, revealed he drank to success with pals in a cowbarn at his grandfather's farm before flying to the US.
With the assurance that he was crazy, however, I rose early the next morning; I borrowed a rope from a tethered ox and tossed it over a rafter amid the debris of Shmulke der Keziker's cowbarn. I stood on a spongy scaffold erected upon rotten hay bales and, while the cock crowed and the shnorrers snored, stepped into thin air.