cower away


w>cower away

vi(furchtsam) ausweichen (→ from +dat)
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The bushman was in mortal fear, led by all his training to expect nothing less than death; yet he did not cower away from them.
"He's used to putting up with some amount of touching from my kids as he's been with us since he was six weeks old, so for him to cower away was something I was worried about.
Both animals cower away from the man as he hits out again with his hands and his feet.
There is a stigma and fear instilled in society to cower away from knowing their HIV status lest they become shunned.
s3xual victims who are aware of this unhelpful situation will cower away from seeking justice and s3xual offenders will continue to cause havoc.
Peter Mitchell, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told the court that Daisy was so afraid of Sharp she would cower away and urinate when he was near.
When asked if he was ready for the job, Carver also added: "I'm not going to cower away from it.
Yet hearing aids cower away from the public gaze: the smaller, the less significant, the better.
"Are we going to be little boys about it, cower away in the corner or are we going to be men, come out and be counted and represent the club in the way it should be?