cower down

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w>cower down

visich niederkauern
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The result was a sharp peck on the end of his nose that made him cower down and ki-yi.
While he, subdued and abashed, seemed to crouch before her, and to shrink and cower down, as if in the presence of some superior creature, the child herself was sensible of a new feeling within her, which elevated her nature, and inspired her with an energy and confidence she had never known.
We will definitely not cower down and make full use of power given by the Almighty, in good faith," he said.
Ahead of the Assembly elections in Tripura, the BJP Chief, while addressing a public rally here, said, "I would like to tell the Manik government that the BJP will not cower down by violence.
This is a president who is not going cower down and is not going to be weak and is going to make sure he does what hes promised to do, and thats stand up and protect the American people.
He's made repeated threats, he's tested missiles time and time again, for years, and this is a president who is not going to cower down or be weak.
I told him that I am your daughter, trained by you, will neither cower down, nor yield to pressure and nothing will deter me from taking up the cudgels against transgression and injustice.
So what if five of our men have been arrested, they can arrest five thousand, but we won't cower down.
Some men were perfect philosophers under heavy shellfire, whilst others used to go through severe torture and would cower down, holding their heads in their hands, moaning and trembling.
Asserting that the Congress belonged to the people, the NPCC made it clear that some "handful opportunist with hired thugs cannot cower down NPCC to submit its ideologies and principles.