cower down

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w>cower down

visich niederkauern
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The result was a sharp peck on the end of his nose that made him cower down and ki-yi.
While he, subdued and abashed, seemed to crouch before her, and to shrink and cower down, as if in the presence of some superior creature, the child herself was sensible of a new feeling within her, which elevated her nature, and inspired her with an energy and confidence she had never known.
Meanwhile, the blast failed to cower down Sikh devotees as more than two dozen of them left for Nankana Sahib, Hassan Abdal and other historic cities and towns in Pakistan for the birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Nanak.
cower down to the countries that produced Hitler, Napoleon, the Mafia, and the .
The PM he should show that laws apply to everyone equally, and not cower down to the will of the privileged few.