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A cowboy or cowgirl.
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a person employed on a cattle ranch; cowboy or cowgirl.
[1885–90, Amer.]
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Noun1.cowhand - a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horsebackcowhand - a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback
buckaroo, buckeroo, vaquero - local names for a cowboy (`vaquero' is used especially in southwestern and central Texas and `buckaroo' is used especially in California)
cowgirl - a woman cowboy
gaucho - a cowboy of the South American pampas
horse wrangler, wrangler - a cowboy who takes care of the saddle horses
ranch hand - a hired hand on a ranch
roper - a cowboy who uses a lasso to rope cattle or horses
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For scholars of the American West, the central chapters will be most useful for an understanding of the connection between eastern and western cowhand radicalism.
From comparative affluence, Bijah Catlow once again became a 30-a-month cowhand, and he led the contingent that quit abruptly.
Pat Hurley was still working as a cowhand when a ranch owner who had taken a liking to him arranged for Hurley to attend Indian University (today's Bascone University).
How can Musa, an illiterate cowhand, want to be the Class Captain?
Orphaned at thirteen, the poorly paid, patched-clothed cowhand Stubby Pringle is now nearing twenty as he looks forward to whooping it up at the schoolhouse in the valley for the Christmas dance.
I suddenly felt like part of a herd of dumb driven cattle under the spurs of a nasty cowhand who was obviously not happy picking up bags, and made no effort to conceal it.
This presentation by the Magical Moombah, a musical vaudeville for kids, features Sheriff Rumbles and his "cowpoke comrades" singing songs like "Home On The Range," "There's A Hole In The Bucket" and "I'm An Old Cowhand."
On a Saturday in October, Omagbitse Omagbemi performed in Jon Kinzel's COWHAND CON MAN, for the eighth time in two weeks, at Gibney Dance in Lower Manhattan.
A man has got to be at least seventy-five years old to be a real old cowhand. I started young and I am seventy-eight.
Chacon later found his way into Arizona and worked as a cowhand, mostly without incident.
Bush's infamous shout of "Yo, Blair," as if then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair were some cowhand -- people naturally wonder whether their country, too, is deemed subservient.
When Zack intervenes on behalf of a nine-year-old Mexican boy who was being brutalized by a cowhand, Zack has to kill the young cowhand in self-defense.