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or co-work·er  (kō′wûr′kər)
One who works with another; a fellow worker.
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(ˈkoʊˌwɜr kər, koʊˈwɜr-)

a fellow worker.
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As many as 17 percent of employees have seen a coworker cheat on their partner or spouse with many office onlookers witnessing the entire act, the ( survey , which polled 1,055 Americans who have attended a company holiday party, said.
Summary: Suspect tells court his wife divorced him after coworker sent her images of him with another woman
Reasonable people would say that they never want a feud with a coworker to get to the point of a lawsuit, even if it's in small claims court as this one was.
It's hard for employees to embrace the future when a coworker is living in the past.
The court fashioned a three-part test and held an employer will be liable if: the co-worker acted, for discriminatory reasons, with the intent to cause the employee's firing the co-worker's actions were the cause of the termination; and the employer was negligent in allowing the coworker to achieve the desired effect because it knew or reasonably should have known of the discriminatory motivation.
Consequently, the primary goal of the present study is to examine how coworker support influences the development of organisational commitment amongst Thai employees working in Thai and American airlines.
8, 1998, Chiao carpooled in a coworker's minivan, but on the way home the driver crashed into a vehicle in front of her, which was stopped for a school bus.
The employee did not deny the incidents that formed the basis for the disciplinary action, including the use of profanity, talking about alcohol, and contacting another coworker's physician.
For example, when a coworker becomes a hate target for reasons other than race, sex, or national origin, the hater immediately seeks out others in the office who dislike, or can be persuaded to dislike, the hated coworker (Stage 1).
Once you negotiate your new schedule, consider the issue of managing coworker resentment.
A few days ago, my wife called me at work to say that she told a coworker about what I had said about love and lust.
On July 10, however, the board issued a controversial 3-2 decision that affords nonunion workers the right to have a coworker of their choice sit in on meetings that have the potential to result in disciplinary action.