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A cowboy or cowgirl.



a cowboy or cowgirl.


1. A contrivance hung about a cow’s neck to make it difficult for the cow to crawl through a fence. The poke was usually made of a light tree limb fork about three feet long. Factory-made models of iron straps were also available.
2. A colloquial expression for cowboy.
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Noun1.Cowpoke - a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horsebackcowpoke - a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback
buckaroo, buckeroo, vaquero - local names for a cowboy (`vaquero' is used especially in southwestern and central Texas and `buckaroo' is used especially in California)
cowgirl - a woman cowboy
gaucho - a cowboy of the South American pampas
horse wrangler, wrangler - a cowboy who takes care of the saddle horses
ranch hand - a hired hand on a ranch
roper - a cowboy who uses a lasso to rope cattle or horses


[ˈkaʊpəʊk] N (US) → vaquero m
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Sometimes there's nothing I like better than hoying together a proper boy's dinner (sort of paraphrasing Chairman May on the One Show) of steak, mushrooms and eggs and pretending I've just spent a day on the range, herding cattle and shooting the breeze with my fellow cowpokes.
Set on the plains in southwestern Kansas, it was an inevitable stop for buffalo hunters, businessmen, miners, guns-for-hire, cowpokes and other folks traveling westward.
This study of films made between 1908 and 1934 analyzes the meanings behind female actresses dressing as men in films, playing characters such as boys, cowpokes, spies, and even romantic leads.
Two other equally well-known cowpokes were being shown on screens around the city during the halcyon days of my youth - Tom Mix with his horse Tony, and Gene Autry who was billed as 'the singing cowboy'.
This level of visual detail coupled with engaging music transports the player to an era of cussin' cowpokes, wiley prospectors and widder women all betting their hard-earned greenbacks for a chance to beat the house.
And handmade cowpokes teach us how livestock were persuaded to leave those fences alone.
Even more humorous was James Cloutier's pseudo-representational painting of the "Brothers Stage Stop," peopled not with Central Oregon cowpokes but the likes of classic funny men such as John Belushi and Groucho Marx.
Over the decades, Sunset covers have frequently featured steep mountain trails, rearing steeds, and grizzled cowpokes rolling their own.
30PM Shiftless cowpokes Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward fight giant mutant worms in an endearing tribute to the creaturefeatures of the Atomic 50s - funny, exciting, vastly superior to the knock-off sequels.
Tony Fanning's intricately detailed sets featured a hotel lobby, study and garden, with a wheeled horse providing dramatic entrances for the cowpokes.
Naturally, there is a plethora of illiterate cowpokes whose raison d'etre seems to be prejudice and anti-racial activities.
It's unclear exactly when or where Wallis intends his action to be taking place--it could be New Zealand, or it could be the Old West of John Ford--but as soon as prim and pretty English lass Isabella Montgomery (Inge Rademeyer) is deposited there among some very lonesome cowpokes, she's targeted for sexual assault.