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1. A conceited dandy; a fop.
2. Obsolete A jester's cap; a cockscomb.

[Middle English cokkes comb, crest of a cock : cokkes, genitive of cok, cock; see cock1 + comb, crest; see comb.]

cox·comb′i·cal (-kōm′ĭ-kəl) adj.


(ˌkɒksˈkəʊmɪkəl) ,




1. of or resembling the characteristic nature of a coxcomb
2. conceited; foppish
References in classic literature ?
For he is, by heaven, the most self-satisfied, and the shallowest, and the most coxcombical and utterly brainless ass
41) It is difficult to think of a more accurate way to describe Gore's anti-hero, "the arch-coxcomb of his coxcombical times," whose highly polished wit and unabashed egotism simultaneously delight and disturb the reader.
Because his own small army of equally put-out fools--in-corporatedly known as the National Guild of Jesters--has been tirelessly fighting this "invalid and bogus" appointment from day one, and if there is any justice in England then one day soon the culture minister will give in, redress the crime, and depose this coxcombical ass in favor of a more suitable candidate.