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Oh, rest easy, my dear coz,” said the young lady; “I took a look in at my father, who is likely to sleep an hour; and by using due vigilance you will secure all the honors of the season.
We must run our streets by the compass, coz, and disregard trees, hills, ponds, stumps, or, in fact, anything but posterity.
That being so, if all were men of sense then thou wouldst be a lonesome man, coz.
I tell you, coz, that no man can come within seventeen feet of me without catching a spark.
For, coz, since all thoughts are things, you have but to think a pair of herrings, and then conjure up a pottle of milk wherewith to wash them down.
I tell thee, coz, that thou art the strongest man that ever I laid mine eyes upon.
Ty Coz has shut strain'on its "As for us, well, there is only so much that words can express.
net), a Canadian world-traveller and writer, founded COZ Apparel after volunteering for an animal refuge in Bolivia and witnessing first-hand the horrific consequences of illegal animal trafficking.
Coz, 29, said he was left "in shock" when he was crowned best director and his film got the British Lion Award for best film on a low budget at the ceremony.
I mean, to me it seemed as if - well, you know, she seems to think this is all a big deal, and that everyone involved is big and rich and powerful - so I, er, just thought she wanted to pick a little firm like us coz they might take it on a bit more serious, you know?
Dalsi vystupujici byla Jana Drutarovska, ktera se zamerila na Bitcoin, coz je virtualni platebni jednotka charakteristicka naprostou decentralizaci a nenavazanim na narodni stat.
We recall from [2] that any [alpha] [member of] RL is a unit in RL if and only if coz [alpha] = 1.