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Betsy Blossom in Samuel Foote's comedy The Cozeners (1774), has the following dramatic outburst:
The topics include the survival of customary justice and resistant to its displacement by the new Ordines Iudiciorum as evidence by francophone literature of the high middle ages, women as victims and criminals in the Siete Partidas, wardens and jailers in 14th-century southern France, equal opportunity vengeance in the Heptameron of Marguerite de Navarre, and some cozeners in Shakespeare's England.
He claims, however, to be unable to enact such changes without Cromwell's mandate because the aldermen, all ex-mayors themselves, 'being past all suche offices & charges do little regarde theme that be to com / ner do not esteem the vndoyng of half a dosen honest Cozeners to be so ill a deid / as is the omyttyng & lesyng of on accustomed drynkyng'.