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or Cpl also Cpl.


abbreviation for
(Military) Corporal


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L/Cpl Roberts of St Asaph, North Wales, died on the mountain, Afghanistan and Iraq hero L/Cpl Maher of Winchester, Hants, died later in hospital and Afghanistan veteran Cpl Dunsby of Trowbridge, Wilts, died two weeks later.
Cpl Dunsby, died on July 30 after being transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
During his disappearance Cpl Hassoun appeared in a videotape apparently being held by militants, blindfolded and with a sword poised over his head.
L/Cpl Roberts and L/Cpl Mayer were pronounced dead on the same day, while Cpl Dunsby, from Bath, Somerset, died two weeks later in a Birmingham hospital.
The Birkenhead business, part of CPL Training Group, was launched four years ago and has grown rapidly to become of one of the largest training providers of its type in the UK.
The CPL isn't something most mortgage lending companies and banks lose a lot of sleep over.
Cpl McCarthy, 25, of the Royal Air Force Police, and L/Cpl Davies, 27, of 1st Battalion, The Welsh Guards, were part of a police advisory team helping the fledgling Afghan police.
The downstream consumption fields of CPL mainly involve nylon fiber and engineering plastics.
Cpl Brownson, who died in the field one month after the incident, went to the aid of Lance Corporal Christopher Roney of 3rd Battalion The Rifles, when he was gunned down after a US Apache helicopter attack.
Deputy project officer for the RAF, Cpl Bob Holness, said: "This was a tremendous opportunity for the RAF and the Air Cadets to engage with the public.
Tessier, an Athol resident who grew up in East Templeton, said he got to know Lance Cpl.
CPL claims it encourages interaction, stimulation and engagement for those taking part.