crab cocktail

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Noun1.crab cocktail - a cocktail of cold cooked crabmeat and a sauce
cocktail - an appetizer served as a first course at a meal
crabmeat, crab - the edible flesh of any of various crabs
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Favorites include the Bourbon Maple Bacon, a pan-roasted, bourbon barrel-aged bacon dipped in sweet maple glaze for $13; Crab Cocktail, featuring colossal lump crab meat served on a mustard remoulade for $16; Lobster Bisque with rich shellfish stock, sherry and puff pastry shell for $10; Burrata Salad, featuring fresh burrata mozzarella, wild arugula, extra virgin olive oil and fig balsamic vinegar for $11; the SC Prime Chopped Salad, which includes romaine lettuce, bleu cheese, tomatoes; avocado, bacon and French dressing for $9; and more.
Think Chilled Seafood Celebration (four shrimp, four oysters, jumbo lump crab cocktail and four fresh crab claws), lobscargot, miso-glazed sea bass, redfish Pontchartrain and Alaskan King Crab Cluster.
At The Podium branch, I started with a crab meat appetizer, chunks of fresh crab meat with a simple crab cocktail sauce.
Over on my dining partner's side of the table, another seafood starter, a crab cocktail (Dh140), wasn't as successful.
CRAB COCKTAIL is best, 4 3 tbs mayon Serves naise (homemade as good) but Hellman's is nearly ketchup to taste 1 tbs Heinz tomato to taste sauce, Dash of Tabasco Dash of Lea and Perrins sauce, Maldon 2 tbs brandy salt and cream, 2 tbs double ground black pepper freshly shredded lettuce, Iceberg (optional) Fresh tarragon 400g fresh white crab meat crab meat 2 00g fresh brown
The Skelton angler, 46, tempted the 11lb cod on a bait of lugworm and peeler crab cocktail fished around 80 to 90 yards out at Runswick Bay.
Tony's crab cocktail came in a large martini glass - a retro nod back to the prawn cocktails I used to prepare as a teenage waitress.
I went for the Whitby crab cocktail with a crab cappuccino and tomato biscotti to start while Chris went for the salmon three ways blini, horseradish and fennel.
Reed's first course was a mounded crab cocktail marinated with a margarita vinaigrette with micro greens.
ON THE MENU: I started with crab cocktail then chose the chargrilled sirloin steak.