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adj. crab·bi·er, crab·bi·est Informal
Grouchy; ill-tempered.

crab′bi·ly adv.
crab′bi·ness n.
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in a crabby manner
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The 73-year-old wife of a stalwart Cubs fan sitting in the boxes on the third base side wakes up from her nap, turns to her husband, and crabbily demands to know whether the game is over -- yet.
In 1957 Sorokin wrote crabbily, "Americans are victims of a sex mania as malign as cancer and as socially menacing as communism." This overreach got him ridiculed in the movie Gidget, cartooned in The San Francisco Chronicle, and called a publicity hound and prude.
"Would you like a new pin number too?" "No thank you," I crabbily replied.