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adj. crab·bi·er, crab·bi·est Informal
Grouchy; ill-tempered.

crab′bi·ly adv.
crab′bi·ness n.


the state of being crabby
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Noun1.crabbiness - a disposition to be ill-tempered
ill nature - a disagreeable, irritable, or malevolent disposition
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A foreign journalist got a first-hand experience of President Duterte's notorious crabbiness.
Maxine, Hallmark's "Queen of Crabbiness " for nearly 30 years, will star in "Maxine's Christmas Carol"--a twist on the famous Charles Dickens' classic holiday tale, "A Christmas Carol"--at the Andy Williams Theatre in Branson, Mo.
In their dark way, Stringer and the big man's bumbling relationship--his crabbiness and his oafish- ness--provide the pressure release for a novel that is altogether, irretrievably, troubling.
This study, coupled with the mental hygiene movement, which was concerned with the negative consequences that "spinsterhood" would have on women--supposed symptoms included crabbiness, nervous breakdowns, and bitterness--began to dismantle the preference for single teachers (Blount, 2000).
Ward off any Christmas crabbiness with these handy calming products.
My period of mourning lasted a total of about a week, and manifest as sadness, stressful tension, and crabbiness.
Some of the consequences of lost sleep are immediate, obvious and unpleasant, such as a toddler's crabbiness after missing a nap.
Preuss' excellence in sketching and map-making more than made up for his pessimism and crabbiness on this and a subsequent expedition.
At times my ATM exhibited symptoms such as obsessiveness, crabbiness, fatigue, and a general mental fog.
But in the case of "The Stone Verdict," the stone as symbol of anger has been transformed: it becomes a token of acceptance of his father's silence, disdain, and crabbiness, a sign of absolution.