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adj. crab·bi·er, crab·bi·est Informal
Grouchy; ill-tempered.

crab′bi·ly adv.
crab′bi·ness n.
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the state of being crabby
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Noun1.crabbiness - a disposition to be ill-tempered
ill nature - a disagreeable, irritable, or malevolent disposition
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Mudhoney's tenth and latest studio album Digital Garbage is crawling with punk crabbiness, beginning with the titular rage against digital technology.
Maybe her crabbiness, schedule obsession and subversive communication style are products of anxiety, rather than malice.
A foreign journalist got a first-hand experience of President Duterte's notorious crabbiness.
Maxine, Hallmark's "Queen of Crabbiness " for nearly 30 years, will star in "Maxine's Christmas Carol"--a twist on the famous Charles Dickens' classic holiday tale, "A Christmas Carol"--at the Andy Williams Theatre in Branson, Mo., this holiday season.
In their dark way, Stringer and the big man's bumbling relationship--his crabbiness and his oafish- ness--provide the pressure release for a novel that is altogether, irretrievably, troubling.
This study, coupled with the mental hygiene movement, which was concerned with the negative consequences that "spinsterhood" would have on women--supposed symptoms included crabbiness, nervous breakdowns, and bitterness--began to dismantle the preference for single teachers (Blount, 2000).
Temporary Relief of: Burnout; Crabbiness; Ineffective coping; Stress, Shift abandonment fantasies.
Ward off any Christmas crabbiness with these handy calming products...
My period of mourning lasted a total of about a week, and manifest as sadness, stressful tension, and crabbiness. I thank God for the grace, patience, and wisdom of my wife who helped me through it.
Some of the consequences of lost sleep are immediate, obvious and unpleasant, such as a toddler's crabbiness after missing a nap.
Preuss' excellence in sketching and map-making more than made up for his pessimism and crabbiness on this and a subsequent expedition.