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or crab grass  (krăb′grăs′)
Any of certain annual grasses of the genus Digitaria, having prostrate stems that root at the nodes and widely naturalized in North America as weeds in lawns and agricultural fields.
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Noun1.crabgrass - grasses with creeping stems that root freelycrabgrass - grasses with creeping stems that root freely; a pest in lawns
grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay
crowfoot grass, Dactyloctenium aegypticum, Egyptian grass - a creeping grass with spikes like fingers
Digitaria, genus Digitaria - crab grass; finger grass
Digitaria sanguinalis, hairy finger grass, large crabgrass - a European forage grass grown for hay; a naturalized weed in United States
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It necessitates a conscious effort to deconstruct oppressive ideologies and "all the labels that clung to us like crabgrass to the earth ...
* Apply crabgrass control if you had problems with crabgrass last year.
For example, Linus' line about "Sisters being the crabgrass on the lawn of life" is a line that was originally said by Snoopy in the strips, and was used to reference his opinion on cats.
So, why are variable annuities looking a little better, at least to some executives at some companies, as some other formerly beloved insurance products still look about as lovely as crabgrass?
"Dandelions will take a couple of flame applications before they're defeated--but the same would be true for chemical weed killers." Less hardy weeds, such as crabgrass, are gone in seconds.
Apartment owners and managers need to know that it is possible to curb unsightly crabgrass and dandelions without dumping a ton of toxins onto your grounds.
Immediately prior to weed removal, weed density and tissue from above-ground biomass of 6 corn plants and Palmer amaranth and large crabgrass from 0.25 [m.sup.-2] were collected from each plot randomly for N analysis.
Examples of grassy weeds in Pakistan include crabgrass, barnyard grass, hooraghass, green foxtail, annual bluegrass, tall fescue and quackgrass.
Best-case scenario, I'm first to pass, urn spilling over peonies, foxgloves, crabgrass. Bring morning glory mourning's story, Jack's pulpit cups, stamen's golden fury, your aphids, vespids, narrative retreads.
It is to be expected that during the raking, dead grass, composed of annual weeds and crabgrass, will be picked up.