crack addict

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Noun1.crack addict - someone addicted to crack cocainecrack addict - someone addicted to crack cocaine  
drug addict, junkie, junky - a narcotics addict
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JASON MURPHY, 46 A HEROIN and crack addict in his home city of Bradford, Jason believes he was stuck needlessly on a methadone programme for 20 years.
The former Villa star speaks out on a new ITV show after a gambling relapse left him feeling "like a crack addict".
The crack addict exploited the young man, emptying his accounts of PS8,000 to PS8,500, and spent it all on drugs.
Rimmer and Quinton, both 21 and of no fixed address, said Mr Pearsall, a former heroin and crack addict, went with them willingly.
Southwark crown court heard crack addict Spence, of Alperton, North West London, had an appalling record and "always had a hammer with him".
IMMIGRATION officers are refusing to send home a crack addict who has lived illegally in the UK for almost 20 years - even though he wants to go.
Heroin and crack addict Christopher Harbourne asked to be sent to prison for long enough to get ''serious intervention''.
Police will be asked to check up on the convicted arsonist and crack addict - who is expected to
Two weeks after he came out of the rehab he landed his first major screen role in 'Jungle Fever' - as a crack addict. ( ANI )
Plus, Lip and Ian discover the true identity of Mandy's baby, while Sheila takes pity on a homeless crack addict.
Heather has been known to complain in the past about Shirley abandoning her for Phil - well, it can't do anyone's ego much good to know they come second to a violent, philandering crack addict. So, when a disheartened Shirley suggests they should head out on a girl's night out on Tuesday, perhaps it's not surprising that Heather decides she should be there for her best mate, even though she's already tentatively made plans with Andrew, below.
And the star of the show is undoubtedly former crack addict David Carr, who is now one of the paper's top operators and who shows that old fashioned persistence can still help you land a scoop.