crack open

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w>crack open

vt sepaufbrechen; to crack open the champagnedie Sektkorken knallen lassen
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The ladies slowly followed Razumihin, who went on before, and when they reached the landlady's door on the fourth storey, they noticed that her door was a tiny crack open and that two keen black eyes were watching them from the darkness within.
All at once over that man's face there came an ex- pression of horror and incredulity, as though he had seen a crack open out in the firmament.
For years I've been using a nutcracker to crack open roasted chestnuts.
However, a review of current research into the use of tools by non-human primates suggests that ecological opportunity, rather than necessity, is the main driver behind primates such as chimpanzees picking up a stone to crack open nuts.
Boateng broke the deadlock against his former club with a powerful shot after the Germans controlled the game, but failed to crack open a tight defence until the 90th minute.
MRS "Man on the Street" expressed her deep disappointment, declined to crack open our bottle of champagne, and stomped off to bed in a huff The champagne had been chilling nicely in the fridge, ready for the celebrations to mark Argentina's victory in the World Cup.
CRACK open the champagne - the ECB has finally made a sensible decision.
Elsewhere, misery loves company, but it likes a drink even more - a fact proved by Paddy and Chas as they crack open a bottle or four.
TamCowan I loved Rhubarb but they had no custard PAGES 06&07 Libby McArthur The dangers of our obsession with looks PAGE 03 NickNairn Time to crack open the eggs PAGE 06 Shari Low Author Anna on facts about crime fiction PAGE 13 RECORD PLUS woman Showjumper on return to saddle after horror fall PAGES 08&09
MADE IN CHELSEA Mon E4 10pm NEW SERIES Crack open the champagne and caviar as the poshest show on TV returns.
He hit in sixty-one games straight in the Pacific Coast League when he was a kid: that's the number he'd really like to crack open, his own minor league record.
This was the first time that I had experienced anyone claim to hearing their building crack open. At the time I was sceptical but accepted the comment as the date the crack was first seen.