crack open

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w>crack open

vt sepaufbrechen; to crack open the champagnedie Sektkorken knallen lassen
References in classic literature ?
The ladies slowly followed Razumihin, who went on before, and when they reached the landlady's door on the fourth storey, they noticed that her door was a tiny crack open and that two keen black eyes were watching them from the darkness within.
All at once over that man's face there came an ex- pression of horror and incredulity, as though he had seen a crack open out in the firmament.
Last week, several iPhone owners said they saw their device crack open, and now more incidents have surfaced, according to (https://www.
For years I've been using a nutcracker to crack open roasted chestnuts.
MRS "Man on the Street" expressed her deep disappointment, declined to crack open our bottle of champagne, and stomped off to bed in a huff The champagne had been chilling nicely in the fridge, ready for the celebrations to mark Argentina's victory in the World Cup.
But maybe the best way to draw a line under this whole sorry saga is for Tevez and Roberto Mancini to go out, crack open a bottle of wine and try and sort out their differences man to man.
He hit in sixty-one games straight in the Pacific Coast League when he was a kid: that's the number he'd really like to crack open, his own minor league record.
Over the weeks our historians have ploughed their seed and scattered with the help of a host of experts togged up in period clobber but how long before they get to crack open the first (never mind the last) of the summer wine?
All you need do is crack open a copy of Roy of The Rovers.
She refused to say how she managed seemingly to crack open a concrete floor.
To know that, you gotta' crack open TM 11-5865-200-12 for all the good PM info.
In this way, they didn't have to crack open the rocks and risk damaging the ancient plants and insects.