crack shot

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Noun1.crack shot - someone skilled in shootingcrack shot - someone skilled in shooting    
deadeye - a dead shot
franc-tireur - a sharpshooter (in the French army)
rifleman - someone skilled in the use of a rifle
shooter, shot - a person who shoots (usually with respect to their ability to shoot); "he is a crack shot"; "a poor shooter"
sniper - a marksman who shoots at people from a concealed place
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It has a round, not octagon, barrel, and on the right side of the receiver is stamped "Crack Shot 26." On the top of the barrel is stamped: "J.
Is it true that the politician was a crack shot? If so, it is true that his wife was shot at twice in different parts of her anatomy before she finally got the fatal head shot?
Rolan, 32, who played wide boy Theo Kelly in EastEnders in 2009, added: "She became a crack shot. She loved the feel of guns in her hand and looked pretty awesome firing her SA80 assault rifle."
Rolan, 32 - who previously played EastEnders wide boy Theo Kelly - added: "She became a crack shot.
Crack shot Most modern pots are frost-proof so they won't crack as the temperature drops.
If you're a crack shot equal to the action stars in Hollywood movies, your sling will suffice for rifle stability.
It contains a schematic and a couple of pages dedicated to your side lever Crack Shot. We understand copies might still be available from de Haas Barrels, Ridgeway, MO (660/872-6308).
Proving to be something of a crack shot, he scored more than 20 hits holding the weapon with just one hand.
PROS Years of experience in forensic medicine; also a crack shot.
Michael has no arms, but is still a crack shot. He uses his feet to fire a pistol.
A crack shot and possessed of an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the technical facets of shooting, he lists his major influences as former G&A publisher Tom Siatos and editors Red Bell and Garry James, but Payton has a style all his own.
After all, if your prospective mother-in-law is a crack shot, you'd be fearful of losing your meat and two veg, wouldn't you?