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Resembling or characteristic of the extended informal discussions carried on by persons habitually assembled at a country store: cracker-barrel philosophy.

[After the cracker barrels that people supposedly would gather around for conversation in old-time general stores.]


US rural; rustic; homespun: a cracker-barrel philosopher.


suggesting the rustic informality of a country store: cracker-barrel philosophers.
[1875–80, Amer.]
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Adj.1.cracker-barrel - characteristic of country life; "cracker-barrel philosophy"; "folksy humor"; "the air of homespun country boys"
rural - living in or characteristic of farming or country life; "rural people"; "large rural households"; "unpaved rural roads"; "an economy that is basically rural"
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That Peter Pan, the Alice books, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz contain veiled elements of sexual awakening will surprise nobody remotely acquainted with the cracker-barrel Freudianism that has informed popular views of these books for decades.
But there was a strong musical tradition in the family, and the young Martin was soon familiar with the works of Bill Monroe, a legendary figure claimed by some to have been the father of the bluegrass style, in which the mandolin, fiddle and highpitched yodelling were added to the songs of death, unrequited love and the usual cracker-barrel sentiments emerging from dirt poverty.
With all its creaks and cracker-barrel philosophy, On Golden Pond still makes an excellent evening out and a large house at Wolverhampton was not disappointed.